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November 19-20, 2015 - Aging 2.0, Show San Francisco.  Linear Dimensions presents Digital Health Reference Designs

Jan 8th, 2015 - Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas.  Linear Dimensions presents Biometric Security Reference Designs: Xlock & MediMouse

Jan 6-9th, 2015 - Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas.  Linear Dimensions will be presenting its newest products at booth #73314 in Digital Health & Fitness Technology

November 10-12th, 2014 - Health 2.0
5th Annual Europe Conference.  Wearable Health Technology Panel.

Components Short Form - Linear's Component Catalog. All of our component, module, IP block & software solutions in one convenient place.

AI Physician - AI Physician. Your virtual physician reference design - a physical in your living room.

Biometric ECG Security Devices - Xlock & MediMouse. Never have to remember a password again & monitor your health.

Analog References - LND1114. Fourteen (14) channel programmable analog references in 2.2x3mm TQFN package

Fashion Wearables - Band, Garments, Watch & Apps. Fashion wearables with heart & motion.

EEG Audio Headset - EEG/ECG Headset. Evoke/Linear Seven sensor solution including ECG & EEG plus Mindja HRV.

Wearable Module Kits - AudioXtract, AccuXtract, LasLD & PatchKit. Get to market fast with these high performance modules.

Medical Solutions - XHarness, AI Physician, Patchkit, Bands, Watches & Headsets. High performance medical sensing in pleasant form factors.

OEM Reference Designs - Xlock, Xband, XHarness, ECG ID Mouse, AI Physician, EEG/ECG Headsets, ECG Garments & Zenone Watch. Get to market fast with our OEM white label solutions.

Biometric Components - From Sensors, to interfaces, to power components. Everything you need to build next generation wearable and medical products.

Software Solutions - iOS, Android, Mac, PC, Bluetooth LE & ARM Embedded Solutions. See our portfolio of software from fitness apps, to games, to embedded and security solutions.

Wearables/Watches - Accu-Xtract Modules cut through the noise. Physiological extraction during vigorous motion for your band and watch products.

Color "No Power" Display Driver - 160 channels, 8 inputs, enables the worlds best color and monochrome ePaper displays.

LND1937 - Backlight display boost DC/DC with internal schottky and power driver.

LND3465 - Backlight display boost DC/DC, 2.7V to 16V,

LND5205 - Low cost, low noise, 150mA LDO family.

LND-BA1K - 100, 1k, 10k, 100k Bioarrays feature high impedance I2C or SPI addressable "test tube" sites for your high volume test applications.